The Emerald Creek Scholarship Foundation aims to provide support and assistance to young outstanding students. Students in the New York City area who illustrate excellence will be eligible to receive up to $10,000 towards their continuing education.

While there is no doubt that America is the land of opportunity, far too often children aren’t given the necessary tools to succeed. By providing financial assistance to high school seniors, our foundation can help open the doors to a world of opportunity.


Sherry Chen

We are proud to congratulate Sherry Chen, recipient of the 2020 Emerald Creek Capital Scholarship! This coming fall, Sherry will attend Yale College, where she will pursue her passions in Public Health, American Studies, and Biomedical Engineering.

Sherry attended Stuyvesant High School where she earned an outstanding cumulative GPA of 4.0. Serving as the president of the biomedical engineering group at her school, she worked to implement resin-based 3D printing into 30 Freshman Biology courses. Among her many achievements, she also served as a committee member for the National Honor Society and led several multicultural groups in her community.

Emerald Creek Capital is honored to support Sherry on her higher-education journey, as she continues to foster supportive team environments through empathy.


Partners Mark Penna and Mark Bahiri with Kristina Qoku

We are honored to present Kristina Qoku with the 2019 Emerald Creek Capital Scholarship! This coming fall, Kristina will embark on a 7-year accelerated BS/MD program at the Sophie Davis School of Biomedical Education at CCNY.

Kristina attended Staten Island Technical High School where she earned a cumulative GPA of 104% in addition to many other academic and extracurricular accomplishments. Among her achievements, she participated in the FBI Explorers program, where she trained in simulated law enforcement scenarios and completed over 180 hours of service to her community.

Kristina continues her pursuit of helping others through the study of medicine, and we are proud to support her in her journey.


Partners Mark Bahiri and Mark Penna with Samantha Sette

We are proud to congratulate Samantha Sette, recipient of the 2018 Emerald Creek Capital Scholarship! This coming Fall, Samantha will be attending Duke University where she will pursue a degree in Biology on a pre-med track.

Samantha attended Staten Island Technical High School where she earned a cumulative GPA of 105%. Among her many accomplishments, she served on the National Honor Society Advisory Council and gave back to her community through volunteer programs.

Samantha is dedicated to advancing global health and promoting wellness to help others. With her passion for medicine and altruistic nature, we know Samantha will go far and we’re pleased to be able to support her journey.


Brian Arias-1
Brian Arias, State University of New York at Buffalo

Emerald Creek Capital is proud to present Brian Arias with the 2017 Emerald Creek Scholarship. Brian is receiving $10,000 toward his college tuition at the State University of New York at Buffalo.

Brian excelled at Acorn Community High School, graduating with a cumulative GPA of 94%. His passion for learning came to life in and out of the classroom, as he persevered to teach himself English while also self-teaching robotics and computer programming. Brian demonstrates his social consciousness in regularly giving back to his community and aspiring to solve humanitarian issues through technology. Emerald Creek is thrilled to support him in improving the world through innovation and entrepreneurship.

Congratulations Brian, we know you will go far!


Partners Mark Penna and Mark Bahiri pose with Matthew Avidon

Emerald Creek Capital was proud to present Matthew Avidon with the 2015 Emerald Creek Capital Scholarship. Matthew received $10,000 towards his college tuition at The University of Texas.

Matthew attended Syosset High School where he earned a cumulative GPA of 95. Matthew showed a great sense of altruism, volunteering in Costa Rica and developing a product to help limit automobile emissions called PURE (Preventing Unwanted Road Emissions). We congratulate Matthew on his many accomplishments and we’re sure he will have continued success at The University of Texas.

Emerald Creek has confidence in Matthew’s abilities and we’re sure he will go on to do great things!


Partners Mark Penna and Mark Bahiri pose with Kelly Pellegrino

Emerald Creek Capital was proud to present Kelly Pellegrino with the 2014 Emerald Creek Scholarship. Kelly received $10,000 towards her college tuition at Cornell University.

Kelly’s accomplishments are impressive. As a member of the Bronx High School of Science ARISTA Program Kelly displayed a strong desire to better her knowledge and understanding of the world around us. Her accomplishments include actively conducting research at New York University.

Under the supervision of Dr. Brice Kuhl, Kelly participated in original research on memory cells and the circumstances under which they are most accurate. Kelly was also retained by The Cambridge Business Institute after writing a proposal on training and certifying unemployed workers as a means to lower unemployment. That proposal has recently been implemented.

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