$4,500,000 – Savannah, GA & Jonesboro, GA

In September of 2022, Emerald Creek Capital provided a $4,500,000 acquisition loan secured by two industrial properties in Savannah, GA and the city of Jonesboro, 15 miles south of Atlanta, GA. The property in Savannah consists of a 3.75-acre site improved with 6,200 square feet of warehouse and office space, with the external area serving as outdoor storage. The site has a prime location near the Port of Savannah, the third largest port in the United States and a demand driver of leasable industrial space. The second property in Jonesboro consists of a 3.25-acre site improved with 8,125 square feet of warehouse and office space in addition to over 3 acres of outdoor storage space. The site is ideally located for industrial uses, in close proximity to the Atlanta airport and Interstate 75.


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Jeff Seidler, Managing Director
(212) 239-6517


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